Our Approach

We recognise that not everybody needs the services of an IFA and some of those that do have a fairly limited need; perhaps little more than a nudge in the right direction and some reassurance. For others, the services of a good IFA are an essential part of life; they have better things to do than taking the time or the sole responsibility for looking after their savings and investments personally, or going it alone at times in life when the right decisions can make such a huge impact on their prosperity and peace of mind. This is not an issue that centres around how wealthy an individual is; some, for instance, although financially comfortable, find that their money is a constant worry to them.

So, our approach is, firstly, to help clients establish if and to what extent they need our help and we think that this is best done by having a face to face discussion. We will need you to provide some information on your circumstances in advance of the meeting, by the end of which we would hope to have provided you with an outline of any work that we feel should be carried out on your behalf and the likely cost. However, should you decide by the end of that meeting that there is nothing further for us to do, we will not make a charge for the meeting itself.

We feel that this approach is helpful to our prospective clients in that they can explore the potential for becoming a Beechwood client without being committed to any cost for doing so.

For further details on our services please call 01707 336539

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