Diversifying your Assets

For those who have accumulated capital or acquired it by inheritance, the sale of a business or some other asset, deciding on the right balance of assets into which that wealth should be invested is vitally important.  Most individuals should take advice on this matter. It is far too easy to end up having far too many “eggs in the same basket”.  Another common mistake is to begin thinking about the investments themselves rather than what is actually required:  a source of income, capital growth for future security or provision for a specific item of expenditure for which funds will be needed at a particular point in the future.  Indeed, it may be a combination of all of these but a financial review would first establish these goals and then diversify your capital into a range of different investments, designed to produce the results that the investor requires in order to achieve his or her objectives.

If most of your money is currently held in bank deposits or other cash accounts, don’t panic!  It is unlikely to be the best home for your money over the medium to long term and you should take advice on achieving the right diversification but taking time to understand and agree the best way forward is vitally important and worth spending sufficient time with your adviser and on the consideration of the advice before proceeding.

At Beechwood we believe that all advice should be confirmed in writing and to that end we always prepare reports or letters in order to give clients the opportunity to carefully reflect on the matters discussed in meetings and on other matters arising.

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